Pronated Skates

Pronated ice skates are designed for anyone with pronated feet that roll in, have little or no arch, or surgically corrected clubbed feet.

On a pronated foot, the arch rolls in, down, and flattens out creating very little or no arch when the person is standing. This creates a flat foot, which is generally wider but not always. Over the years the majority of children and adults challenged by down’s syndrome have presented with pronated feet. This was the original reason for this design.

Pronated Ice Skates

As the programs have grown we identified another 15-20% of the population that also have pronated feet, and in our assessment of each skater we have them stand to check for this type of foot arch dynamic. It is cut wider than normal figure skates and built with very little arch, a widened toe box area, a substantially reduced heel, and lots of internal padding for comfort.