Gliding Stars Bar Seat Walkers

Our bar seat walker was designed for skaters with disabilities who are able to bear weight and walk for limited amounts of time. Examples include skaters challenged by cerebral palsy, spina bifida, unsteady gait, and traumatic brain injury, to mention a few.

A bar that hinges and swings open and closed allows the skater to enter from behind and uses removable bail pins to attach the rear bar. The same bail pins are used to adjust the height for the correct knee angle for sitting to standing movement.

Five different heights are available, in approximately 1.5″ increments.

The back bar is where the skater sits to rest while on the ice. This is the rear crossbar which detaches on one side and swings out. This walker also folds for storage and for transport. Bottom side runners are approximately 40″ in length.

It is available in two sizes.

small 19″W X 20″D handles range in height from 29″ to 37″in 5 interval stops

large 29″W X 20″D handles range in height from 34″ to 42″in 5 interval stops

Sizing and ordering information

Due to safety concerns, this walker is not sold without in-person training from Gliding Stars personnel. Please contact headquarters to set up an on site training.