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Join us at Hyde Park Ice Arena on Sundays4:30-6pm

911 Robbins Drive Niagara Falls, NY 14301

The Western New York program has increased our inclusivity by allowing siblings not challenged by disabilities to join us at the same cost as skaters. They will participate in lessons and the ice show alongside family members.




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Gliding Stars of Western New York
1307 Military Road, Buffalo NY 14217

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About Us:

Gliding Stars of WNY is an adaptive ice skating program that provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to increase their personal potential through development of ice skating skills in a regular program of instruction and practice in our own local community! The skating season runs from October through March.


Skaters with disabilities require special attention on the ice, but they can attain the basics of ice skating skills in a fun an inclusive environment!  On-ice volunteers assist them in gaining these skills and then measure what degree to which they have attained the skill. Our Stars have an opportunity to gain overall better health including increased muscle strength, improved fine and gross motor skills, improved balance, and experience success, increased confidence, and self esteem.

Our annual ice show is the culmination of weeks of skilled instruction and practice and our Stars are assigned a role to play in the end of season show. There is no greater sense of accomplishment than the cheers of the audience and heightened electricity of a live production!


We hope you are available to come join us and strengthen the Gliding Stars of WNY family!