Sizing and Ordering Information

Standard Ice Walkers

The small walker accommodates very small children who hold the front crossbar at 21″ height, and then progresses to using the side handles that are 28″ inches high. It is mostly used from 18 months through age 6-8 years depending on the height of the child. The medium walker is for taller 6-8 year olds through a maximum height of 5’9″. The large walker is for those over 5’9″ in height when wearing their skates. Please submit the form to order standard walkers.

Our Standard Walkers are priced at $237 (Small), $247 (Medium) and $326 (Large). Discounts are available for orders over 10 units. Please note this price does not included shipping. If you would like to place an order for standard ice walkers or if you would like additional information, please complete the contact form on this page.

Standard, Pronated and Orthotic Ice Skates

To order our skates and insure the proper size please complete the following steps:

First photograph the feet of person bare-foot on a different colored background for contrast. Be sure to get a photo of the front, back and sides to show the arch or lack of arch of the foot. Include a picture up to the thighs showing the angle of the leg going down to the foot.

Examples of photographs needed (click to enlarge):




Second draw a foot pattern of each foot by holding the pen or pencil upright to go around the outside of the foot. Measure the foot with a ruler and mark next to the drawing. Please take a picture of the drawing with a ruler next to it. This ensures the measurements are accurate as scanned/faxed items can become distorted in size.

Examples of tracing and finished drawing needed (click to enlarge):




Note If the person wears orthotics )AFO’s, RGO’s, or SMO’s), then the pictures and drawings should be completed with the orthotics on.

All pronated and AFO skates are $185 each. Regular model child size 6 up to adult size 3 are $175, size 3 1/2 through adult 14 standard skates are $185. If you would like to place an order for ice skates or if you would like additional information, please complete the contact form on this page.

After we receive your photographs and drawings, we will determine the best skate type and size and then contact you to discuss the sale and shipment.

Sling and Bar Walkers / Stabilizers

Do to safety concerns and the uniqueness of our walker products, for the persons who need this walker often have serious and often complicated disabilities, and the overall safety issues that are a hallmark of our program and company, we do not sell this model without training. On site program chapter or partnership training is available, as well as weekend training here at our headquarters in western New York for individuals and families.

Please complete the contact form below to let us know more about your needs.

Note: Payment by check is preferred.  Credit Card is accepted, but a 3% convenience fee will be added to all orders.

Photograph and Drawing Submissions

Please send your photos and drawings (as described) via US Mail to

Gliding Stars

1307 Military Road

Buffalo, NY 14217

Or scan your photos and drawings and email them to

For additional assistance or special circumstances, please call us at (716) 608-8345