Our Mission

The Gliding Stars organization provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to increase their personal potential through development of ice skating skills in a regular program of instruction and practice in their own local community, culminating in the demonstration of those skills publicly in an end-of-season on-ice choreographed performance, which itself serves as a source of motivation, teamwork, increased self-esteem and the 'magic' that results from transcending one's barriers in order to accomplish one's dreams.

Strategy in Support of Our Mission

Operation through Local Chapters

Provide instructional expertise, specialized assistive products, administrative support and consultative guidance to community organizations nationwide so they may enroll and teach skaters with disabilities, through the engagement of volunteers and the procurement of assets required to successfully develop and operate a local Gliding Stars Adaptive Ice Skating Program.

Dissemination of Information and Instruction

Spread the involvement in ice-skating for people with disabilities nationwide and worldwide by providing information and instruction for individuals and groups who are interested in developing similar programs to teach individuals with disabilities how to ice skate.

Standardization of Instruction

Develop standards for instruction in adaptive ice skating for people with disabilities, and provide a program of certification for individuals and/or groups who wish to include such activities in other recreational programs.