In each and every chapter of Gliding Stars, we run on the fuel of wonderful volunteers both on and off the ice. Come join our family!

We welcome volunteer skaters of all levels:

Beginner Group

If you are new to skating, you will start in our beginner group with others who are new or face more severe physical challenges requiring adaptive equipment.

Intermediate / Advanced Group

If you are more accomplished, we will pair you with an intermediate or advanced skater in their group lesson.

Rink Organization

All rinks are organized into groups of similar skating levels, to best accommodate their instruction and improvement of their individual skating skills. Each group has one or more teachers who coach and instruct. Most skaters have one or more volunteers who work directly with them.

Friendships develop and flourish as challenges are met and overcome and skills and confidence develop! As a volunteer, your partnership continues as you skate in the season ending Ice Show with your Gliding Star!


Off Ice Help

Volunteer help is also needed off the ice at the actual skating sessions, handing out and organizing equipment for each skater, at the sign-in tables, and in communicating the chapter news/events to the parents and caregivers who bring our skaters to us.

Fundraising Events

At each chapter there are fun fundraising events to coordinate, be on a team of coordinators, or to simply attend! These range from auctions and spaghetti dinners, to art shows displaying our students’ work, to “Breakfast with Bach” in which some of our skaters with musical talents provide entertainment while our guests are serenaded during a breakfast buffet!


Ice Show

The ice show provides so many ways for volunteers to help – costumes, props, posters, marketing, backstage… the list goes on and on. The ice show is a heartwarming, exciting event for our stars, volunteers and each community as well.

Contact your nearest chapter to get involved! You will be glad you did.