Important Information

Dear Gliding Stars Chapters, Stars & Volunteers –

It is with disappointment that we must inform you that all Gliding Stars programs on ice will remain suspended at least until the Fall 2021season.

We have reviewed restrictions in place at the rinks in our program locations, as well as other factors concerning public activities. Due to the nature and challenges of the people we serve, who may be at higher risk, and often immune compromised, as well as the need for social/physical distancing and other recommended practices, the Gliding Stars Board of Directors feels that there is no practical way to safely provide our special on-ice programming under the current COVID-19 situation. Therefore, in the interest of safety for both our stars and volunteers, we have made this difficult decision.

The Board will continue to monitor this situation,

We encourage you to consider local options for virtual fundraising and other engagement activities while Gliding Stars is unable to host an on-ice program. We will gladly work with you to help form ideas for continuing to engage virtually with your community of Stars and volunteers.

Elizabeth O'Donnell