Standard Ice Walker

Our Standard Ice walker is available in three sizes.

Standard Ice Walker

This walker is used by beginning skaters of all ages, with or without disabilities. It is extremely stable, made of Steel and powder coated, made in the United States at an RGO certified facility.  These are very durable for learn to skate or beginner hockey programs, and are widely used by parks and recreation programs around the country. They have been used in our adaptive skating program for people with disabilities for over 30 years.
The sides have a unique hinge design to fold for transport, carrying and storage and take up just a few inches leaning against a wall or in a closet.

Unlike other open glider or pvc models our standard Ice walker will not crack or stick to the ice as the skater is gliding on the ice. It gives years of service in demanding conditions. It comes in three sizes for use from as young as 18 months through very tall adults.

The small walker accommodates very small children who hold the front crossbar at 21″ height, and then progresses to using the side handles that are 28″ inches high. It is mostly used from 18 months through age 6-8 years depending on the height of the child.

The medium walker is for taller 6-8 year olds through a maximum height of 5″9″.

The large walker is for those over 5’9″ in height when wearing their skates.

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