Bar Seat Stabilizer

The bar seat stabilizer is used inside the bar seat walker, it can be used in either size.

Bar Seat Walker

The bar seat stabilizer is designed for people with more serious disabilities who cannot balance on just the back bar while they rest between skating sessions. Other skaters who have limited ability to even stand can sit on the stabilizer, often with a volunteer behind them who assists in keeping them upright.

For our chapters and partnerships, we use our harnesses for these students as well.

Training and Ordering Information



Due to safety concerns and the uniqueness of this walker and its use, for the persons who need this walker often have serious and often complicated disabilities, and the overall safety issues that are a hallmark of our program and company, we do not sell this model without training. On site program chapter or partnership training is available, as well as weekend training here at our headquarters in Western New York for individuals and families.