Adaptive Products

Our uniquely designed adaptive ice skating equipment includes our own line of learn-to-skate walkers and our extensive assortment of specially-made ice skates.


Three models of walkers have been developed to aid stability and balance on the ice for beginning skaters or those with disabilities. All models were designed by Gliding Stars' Founder and President Elizabeth O'Donnell, and are custom manufactured for us in the USA.

Model 1 can be used by beginning skaters and as well as by skaters with disabilities. Three sizes are available to accommodate all ages of skaters.

Model 2 is designed for skaters with disabilities who are able to walk or bear weight for limited amounts of time and who need much assistance to maintain proper skating posture. Examples include skaters with cerebral palsy or spina bifida. A bar behind the skater provides an area for the skater to rest while remaining on the ice. Two sizes are available, and each is adjustable to several custom height positions.

Model 3 is designed for skaters with disabilities who have limited or no ability to bear weight. Skaters are supported by a sling seat with adjustable straps, which assists them in remaining upright on their skates.

Adaptive Ice Skates

Three models of adaptive ice skates have been developed in conjunction with well-known skate manufacturer, Riedell Shoe Company. All models were designed by Gliding Stars' Founder and President Elizabeth O'Donnell, and are manufactured exclusively for us in the USA by Riedell.

These include models designed to meet the following special skating challenges:

  • People who wear ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) or supramaleolar orthosis (SMO) need a boot that accommodates these devices while being worn.
  • Persons with Down's Syndrome or surgically corrected clubbed feet need a much wider skate than typically available, and one that is also shaped to accommodate the contours of the feet under these conditions.
  • People who have comfort and support concerns find our regular skates have the correct amount of room to best meet their needs. These are a bit wider than typically available products, and meet the needs of those in our programs without the two conditions mentioned above.

All models are available in many Child and Adult sizes to accommodate just about everyone! We can provide these skates to individuals as well as to representatives of programs or organizations.

In addition to these custom-designed items, Gliding Stars can provide helmets, supportive harnesses and other related items to our Chapters as well as the general public (training may be required on some products) through its Gliding Stars Adaptive Products division.

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